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Charitable Accounts

Harness the power of community support by turning bottle returns into donations!

Encourage your family, friends, and neighbours to return their deposit containers to one of our 3 locations. From the return, they can donate the total or partial amount to directly support your charity, community organization, or favourite cause with the Bottle Depot’s Charity Program.

Here’s how:

1) Sign up for a Charitable Account below (Please note it takes 3-5 business days to process and a confirmation email will be sent when active)

2) Spread the Word let your community and neighbourhood know that when they return bottles to The Bottle Depot, they simply need to mention the name of your organization to ensure their return will go directly to your account.

3) Receive the funds. At the end of each month, if your account is over $100, we’ll mail you a cheque. If it’s under $100, we carry it over to the next month.

It’s that easy! Not only is your organization benefiting, but you are helping to keep containers out of our landfill and ocean – a win all around!

Charitable Account Application

Requested Locations:
4261 Glanford Ave3961 Quadra St655 Queens Ave

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