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Bottle Drive Frequently Asked Questions

Q/ How do I book a Bottle Drive?


A/ Once you have a location and date secured, please fill out our form on our website and we’ll confirm via email that your Bottle Drive has been booked. Another option is to call our office 250-727-7480 if you have any questions.

Q/ Can I book a Bottle Drive at one of your depots?


A/ Yes. We currently offer that option at our Glanford depot only, one group per day, on Saturdays and Sundays only. It’s usually fully booked, so call our office 250-727-7480 to find out about its availability.

Q/ When booking, do I need to secure a location before I book the Bottle Drive? Or can you guys help me with that?


A/ As we can only control booking our Glanford lot, you’ll need to secure your preferred location before submitting a Bottle Drive request, and make sure you have all school, parks permit (if applicable).

Q/ How much can I raise with a Bottle Drive?


A/ It varies depending on the type of Bottle Drive, size and nature of the group who books it, location, and advertising activities, but it can go up to $7000.

Q/ Is there a charge for supply drop-off? Or a pickup charges the day of the Bottle Drive??


A/ There is no charge in the drop off, nor the pickup. However, there is a low-volume charge for Bottle Drives under 5000 units or 1000 units (depending on the type of Bottle Drive).

Q/ When are supplies dropped off?


A/ Supplies are usually dropped between Thursday and Friday before the date of the Bottle Drive.

Q/ When will my Bottle Drive be picked up?


A/ When booking it, you’ll have the option to state a preferred 1 hour pick up window, which we will do our best to honor. However, an extra 30-minute delay is expected during busy Bottle Drive weekends.

Q/ What supplies are dropped off? How much space do they take?


A/ It varies depending on the type of Bottle Drive, but it’s commonly a fair number of wooden pallets and 4×4 feet canvas bags. In total, they usually take as much as a parking spot.

Q/ Do we have to count containers when hosting a Bottle Drive?


A/ You only need to if you are hosting a Full Sort & Count Bottle Drive. Because you are sorting AND counting, you will receive 100% of the refund.

Q/ How do I know what container has a refund and it’s accepted?


A/ We accept ready-to-drink containers exclusively. You can verify if a container has a refund if it appears in the Return-it database https://www.return-it.ca/registeredbrands/. Most common non-accepted containers are meal replacements, Ensure, soup containers, Yogurt drinks, cream/creamers, infant formula, Kefir, pickle/jam jars, shampoo/bleach/vinegar bottles.

Q/ How much is each container worth?


A/ All beverage containers are 10 cents each, regardless of size and type of product.

Q/ How many people do I need to host a bottle drive?


A/ It varies depending on the type of bottle drive, but usually 2 people will do. You’ll need around 12 people if hosting a Full Sort & Count bottle drive.

Q/ When can I pick up my cheque?


A/ Verification in our warehouse usually takes around 5 days. After that, the cheque is mailed, or picked up if preferred.

Q/ What should I do if I need to cancel or reschedule my bottle drive?


A/ Call 250-727-7480 or email us at info@bottledepot.ca right away and someone can help you cancel or reschedule. Please note for all bottle drives held at our Glanford location, we require 1 week notice so we can offer the lot to another bottle drive..

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