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NOT Accepted Products For Recycling

No Paint

No Chemicals

No Cardboard


No Propane Tanks

No Styrofoam

No Plastic Bags

No Blue Box Material

No Scrap Metal

No Freon Containing Appliances

No Longer Accept Blue Box Material

Dear valued customers we regret to inform you that on MAY 13th, 2019 we will stop accepting all Blue Box material, Plastic Bags, Styrofoam, and Flexible Packaging material at ALL of our locations.

We have come to this decision after much deliberation. At this time the financial incentive to collect these commodities is not sufficient and we need to cancel the program.

If you would like this service to be offered in your community please contact The Ministry of Environment and request that Recycle BC pays the true cost to local business to handle their recyclable products.

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