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Bottle Depot Sorting Guidelines

  1. Separate beer and pop cans onto flats of no more than 24, or leave them in their original cases.
  2. Place all loose beer bottles on flats or leave them in their original cases.
  3. Separate all plastic, tetra paks, gable tops, glasses, pouches, wine and liquor bottles, bi-metal, etc.

This is a cart that has been sorted properly.

As you can see all product has been separated and is easy for bottle depot employees to count. Pop cans are separate from beer cans and lined up on flats. Plastic containers are upright and easily accessible. Liquor product is separate from non-alcoholic. Drink boxes are upright and separated large from small.

These carts are NOT sorted properly.

Stacking boxes of cans on top of plastic bottles and drink boxes does not allow the bottle depot employee to count the cart quickly. The employee must take extra steps to sort this cart and that will result in the customers waiting for the cart to be sorted. The more organized all carts are the faster they will be processed.

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